Integrates with Hostaway

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new partner, Hostaway. This is a hugely exciting opportunity to put our heads together and streamline the highest level of vacation property maintenance and management.

If you are looking for a new cleaner, simply provide your property details to get started with over 45,000 cleaners on Using their own app, cleaners can receive updates, use checklists, report problems, track inventory, and send host messages.

About Hostaway

Hostaway is the platform that accounts for all things in rental management. Users can manage their bookings on Airbnb, Vrbo,, Expedia, Marriott and more, all in one place.

Organising bookings should be straightforward, and Hostaway is committed to making this happen through leading technology and bespoke in-house systems, designed to simplify management by combining data from booking platforms. Their approach provides the latest solutions to rental property problems.

Hostaway’s deep channel integrations mean that users’ properties will be at the top of the list when potential customers make Google searches. In addition to this, they also provide tools for channel distribution, email and text marketing, customizable coupons and booking websites. Users who join Hostaway will also be able to access monthly webinars that provide advice and training in how to expand and get more bookings.

Hostaway’s users can automate repetitive tasks to save time, whilst also accessing the tools they need to market their properties to the high-level they deserve. Users also have access to analytics and reporting on their properties to enable a better understanding of their business. It’s all about making property management easy. You can find out more about our new partner here

We’re looking forward to this new partnership’s exciting opportunities. We feel confident that, between our expertise in cleaning rental properties and Hostaway’s professional experience in assisting with the easy management of properties, we will make a brilliant team. Whether our users are new or loyal friends, this partnership will improve their experience. We know that Hostaway shares our values and passion for high-quality property management, and we’re excited to be taking one step closer to our goal of full cleaning automation.

Moving forward, Hostaway users will be able to sync their information with and schedule their cleans, or they can opt for cleaning bookings to be made automatically, according to check-ins and check-outs. It’s all about making it easy.

We are a passionate team at, and we believe in connecting local skills with local needs, streamlining rental management and simplifying property cleaning. To find out more about what we do, check out our website here

Learn how to connect Hostaways to connects properties with local professional cleaners. Our users book a service through our app to be picked up by our nearby specialists. Property managers and cleaners can communicate easily through the messaging tools provided, which include different languages or voice memos for ease. Our messaging platform lets our users keep their team in the loop, notify them of any changes, and serve as a tool to keep your business running smoothly.

Our cleans include standard cleans, deep cleans, and customized cleans, and users can track the progress made without having to be there in person. Clients can automatically pay their cleaners through our app and request and receive photographic evidence. When our cleaners have finished, clients can rate and tip them through, making every step straightforward.

Our services also include property inventories to help you leverage data and drive predictive tasks. If you usually have your own staff, you can request short-term professionals to keep things ticking over.

For those running vacation rentals, can offer task scheduling, asset management, powerful integrations with PMS Systems and iCal, and reporting and analysis on your management data. We help you to keep up to date on everything in your business while also making high-quality services easily accessible.


Other Software Integrations

Along with Hostaway, currently has direct software integrations with more than 10+ property management systems and channel managers. We are constantly working to improve our product and finding new ways to innovate vacation rental cleaning.

Follow our blog and social media channels for more news on exciting integrations and ways that we are making vacation rental cleaning easier.