The Smart Solution for Managing Vacation Rental Cleaning

Effortlessly schedule, pay, and find reliable cleaners for your properties.

Why Choose Cleanster for Property Management?

Cleanster empowers property managers with a comprehensive platform to streamline vacation rental cleaning. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and communication challenges. Cleanster is your one-stop solution for managing cleaning operations efficiently and effectively.

Simplify Your Workflow

Centralized Platform
Manage all your cleaning needs from a single, user-friendly interface.
Effortless Scheduling
Automate cleaning schedules based on bookings or create custom schedules with ease.
Extensive Cleaner Network
Access a wide pool of vetted and experienced cleaning professionals.
Streamlined Payments
Pay cleaners securely and conveniently through the platform.

Optimize Cleaning Operations

Customizable Checklists
Create detailed cleaning protocols specific to each property and ensure consistent quality.
Real-Time Tracking
Monitor cleaning progress and receive instant updates on completion.
Performance Management
Track cleaner performance and ratings to ensure top-notch service.
Quality Control
Utilize before-and-after photos to maintain high cleaning standards.

Enhance Guest Satisfaction

Spotless Properties
Ensure immaculate rentals that exceed guest expectations.
Seamless Communication
Streamline communication with cleaners and guests for a smooth experience.
Rapid Response
Quickly address any cleaning issues or special requests.
Positive Reviews
Elevate guest satisfaction and drive positive reviews for your properties.

Be smart with us

Cleanster is the smart way to manage your vacation rental cleaning

Saving you time and money while ensuring guest satisfaction.

Additional Features

Additional Features for Property Managers

Team Management
Add team members and assign roles with varying levels of access.
Reporting & Analytics
Gain valuable insights into cleaning performance and costs.
API Integrations
Connect Cleanster with your existing property management software for seamless data flow.


Our clients are assured of excellence. Their feedback and reviews guide us, ensuring continuous improvement. But most importantly, they're simply awesome people we're privileged to serve.

Why Choose Cleanster?

  • Auto Booking

    From Guest booking to confirmed cleaning with zero-touch. A single app to book cleanings with automatic assignments, delegation, and acceptance. No more waiting to see if your property will be ready for your next guest. Simply paste in your property calendar link, and our system automatically creates a booking before your next client checkout.

  • Find local trusted cleaners connects hosts of vacation rentals with trusted local cleaners in your area. All CleansterPros have undergone vetting, background checks, and have provided references.

  • Checklist Protocols

    Ensure a spotless clean with our checklists, including photos, notes, and problem reports.

  • Real-Time Visibility

    With Cleanster, you will be able to track the cleaner’s location and cleaning progress. Additionally, an AI bot will review the cleaning progress and communicate with the cleaner on your behalf.

  • Tax and payroll management

    We handle your 1099 forms, onboarding and vetting, and background checks so that you can concentrate on growing your business. All cleaners receive their tax documentation and earning reports at the end of the year, which they can use to rent or get approved based on their Cleanster earnings.