Generic Cleaning Checklist Template by Earleville, MD Host


  • Clean and sanitize toilets.
  • Put new liners in trash can
  • Put medium towel on each holder beside sink
  • Wipe out drawers and if anything is left in there it needs to be removed
  • Add extra roll of toilet paper on the back of toilet
  • Make a V with toilet paper roll on the holder
  • Wipe down showers, mirrors, light switches, door knobs, baseboards and any furniture
  • Refill all soaps, shampoos, and organize towels


  • Fresh sheets on the bed
  • Wipe down mirrors, baseboards, window ledges, light switches, furniture and door knobs
  • Check windows for fingerprints
  • Wipe out or vacuum drawers as needed, take out anything left behind by guests
  • Arrange two sets of towels on each bed


  • Empty dishwasher and clean any leftover dishes guests left on counter
  • Wipe down all counters, baseboards, window ledges, and appliances
  • Refill Coffee bar with Kcups, filters etc.
  • Wipe down trash can and add new liners
  • Wipe out or vacuum inside of cabinets and drawers (check for crumbs etc.)
  • Wipe down knobs on cabinets
  • Clean all floors

Living Room

  • Dust and wipe down all furniture
  • Clean flat surfaces, TVs, door knobs, mirrors, and light switches
  • Clean windows indoor (and outdoor as needed)
  • Wipe down sofa, fix pillows, blankets etc.
  • Clean floors

Laundry Room

  • Fold all laundry and put in designated places
  • Wipe down washer and dryer
  • Refill laundry pods if needed
  • Vacuum floor and mop if needed


  • Wipe down outside furniture
  • Check and make sure guests left grill clean (if not, it needs to be cleaned and Mary needs to be notified)
  • Refill trash can liners
  • Porches swept off or use blower (if weather allows)

Game Room

  • Disinfect all games such as pool table, foosball handles etc.
  • Vacuum and mop all floors
  • Wipe all light switches down, door knobs, sofa, TV

Before you leave

  • Make sure all furniture (if rearranged by guests) is back in place
  • Double check each room before leaving, make sure lights are on and it's all ready for guests

Enjoy services in the safety of your home.