We are using WHO-recommended measures to ensure safety from COVID-19

Our professionals wear masks & use gloves

All professionals use masks & gloves to ensure theirs and their customer's safety.

Our professionals sanitize all equipment

Our professionals sanitize non-disposable equipment using hospital-grade disinfectants and antibacterial cleaning agents. All our cleaning professionals use disposable cleaning cloths for each home.

Our professional wash or sanitize their hands thoroughly before a service

All professionals have been asked to sanitize or wash their hands for 20 seconds before & after each service.

We provide financial protection

We are committed to providing financial support to our professionals if they need to cancel a job due to illness. This ensures that they are not financially pressured to deliver jobs when ill.

Our professionals are constantly kept up-to-date

We regularly communicate updates and educational information to our professionals to ensure they are up-to-date with news, government restrictions, and healthy & safety regulations.

We check-in with our professionals daily

Daily check-ins with each of our professionals to assess their health and fitness to deliver service. We maintain regular contact with them, often numerous times throughout the day.