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1. Pricing

  • get 10%-15% off the total service fee when you sign up for a long-term contract
  • Payment plan available per month

2. Dedicated Account Manager to help you choose cleaners according to their preferences and provides VIP immediate assistance to queries

About Cleanster

What is breaks new ground in the cleaning industry using cutting-edge technology similar to your favourite booking apps. Instead of dealing with cleaning companies and experiencing issues like:


Poor quality of the service.


Scheduling management issues.*


Hiring issues.**


High service charges and more.

We’ve solved these problems, and monitored work progress at your fingertips — no stress, fewer problems and real-time updates wherever you are!

* where cleaners turn up at the wrong time or not at all
** lack of training

45k+ cleaners

Serving Canada, UK and USA

2,000+ short-term and vacation rental properties

with 20+ features in one app!

Our flow

How Cleanster works?

Our benefits



  • Cleaners get a notification within 18 miles of the location if no cleaner is assigned, but the cleaners don’t see the full location, just the radius.
  • Job automatically disappears from the cleaner’s dashboard, so you don’t have to worry about property access issues.
  • Photos are automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • Cleaners are not notified when you remove/cancel appointments.
  • When cleaner taps on my way, they share their location, and they need to reach 100 meters to the address to tap arrive.

Quality Control

  • Cleaners upload before and after photos of your property to better understand how your property looks before your next guest. All photos are time-stamped - they can’t upload fake photos as the app allows time-only videos and photos that are 12 hrs old.
  • Cleaners follow a strict checklist and can only complete a job if they go through the checklist.
  • Cleaners can report a problem, and you will immediately get notified about the property issue to raise a maintenance ticket.
  • If the cleaning wasn’t done well, you could rate your cleaner below three stars ⭐️, and our system will flag this to our attention for quality control review.


  • You can now automate your cleaning with an iCal link or connect to our various PMS. What happens is you set up your check-out time and your budget then our system automatically pushes the booking for the next 60 days
  • All photos are automatically shareable if you have a complaint to file to Airbnb or VRBO etc.
  • You can automatically assign primary and backup cleaners if your primary cleaner turns off her availability. Your backup cleaners kick in.
  • Your property information and notes are automatically updated and passed to the cleaner when they tap “arrive.”
  • Every morning, you will receive a summary of the properties to be cleaned for the day, so if you have a last-minute change, you can automatically adjust it.

Hiring & Management

  • We have 45,000 cleaners on our database, making it very easy to push a button and get a cleaner.
  • Cleaners are paid daily, making you feel like a superhero even with our weekly line of credit.
  • We do background checks to minimize the risk of having bad actors on your cleaning team.
  • The cost of acquiring talent for cleaners increases each year, so our system removes that cost. From background checks, training, hiring, and firing.
  • Every property manager who wants to grow their business requires cleaners to ensure the crime scene is turnover into a clean experience for the guests.


  • All communications are encrypted.
  • You can send messages and voice memos to the cleaners, and likewise the cleaners.
  • When the job is complete, your conversation is archived for future evidence, but the cleaner doesn't see this conversation after the job is done.
  • You can send videos and photos and pay for expenses, and the cleaner can request more time, or you can decide to reduce the time.


  • Building a team is complicated, so we need accountability and control. allows you to delegate tasks and assign your favourite cleaners to our platform.
  • Permission and roles are explained so you can have your team handle the problems while you focus on growth.
  • Your virtual assistant can now help you do everything as an admin or support member.
  • You can assign properties and payments allowed by each team.
  • You can have multiple teams or groups if you are an enterprise with unlimited team members.
  • This feature is subject to review and invitation only.


  • Multi-currency and multi-language supported - English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Chinese, and German
  • We handle all the human resources regulations and tax issues while you focus on growing your portfolio
  • Our team version allows you to delegate tasks to your team, such as Admin, Support, and View Only
  • Line of credit works with multiple currencies, so you don't have to worry about expansion. You tell us, and we review your account and approve a line of credit.

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