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How to prepare for a pet friendly Airbnb

Published: November 26, 2023

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How to prepare for a pet friendly Airbnb

As a vacation rental business, you’ll want to consider accommodations for all travellers. A dog-friendly Airbnb or pet-friendly, in general, is another option for your company.

Pet-friendly vacation rentals allow travelers to bring their pets for their stay. Providing guests with an option to bring their furry companions along is a great way to differentiate your Airbnb listing. Also, you have the potential for an increase in guest satisfaction – leading to higher guest reviews.

However, if you plan on opening your property to animals, there are a few things you’ll want to be aware of first.

What Does a Pet-Friendly Airbnb Entail?

  • Definition: A pet-friendly Airbnb allows guests to bring their pets during their stay.
  • Benefits: Attracting pet owners looking for accommodations that welcome their furry friends.
  • Considerations: Understanding the additional wear and tear, cleaning needs, and potential for noise or disturbances.

Setting Clear Guidelines for Pet Owners

  • House Rules: Establish clear rules for pet owners, such as designated pet areas, types of allowed pets, and behavioural expectations.
  • Communication: Encourage guests to provide information about their pets in advance.

Preparing Your Space for Pets

  • Pet-Proofing: Secure areas that may be unsafe for pets or where pets are not allowed.
  • Providing Pet Amenities: Consider adding pet beds, bowls, and toys to make pets feel at home.
  • Safety Measures: Ensure your space is safe for pets, removing or securing any hazardous items.

Managing Additional Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Cleaning Protocols: Plan for additional cleaning to address pet hair and potential accidents.
  • Damage Prevention and Handling: Set up a protocol for handling any damage caused by pets.

Adjusting Your Listing and Pricing

  • Reflecting Pet-Friendliness in Your Listing: Clearly state in your listing that your Airbnb is pet-friendly and outline the amenities and rules.
  • Considering Additional Fees: Decide whether to charge additional pet fees for extra cleaning or wear and tear.

Benefits and Challenges

  • The Upside: Attracting a broader audience, often leading to more bookings.
  • Potential downside: noise complaints, allergic reactions from future guests, and increased maintenance.

Gathering Feedback and Making Adjustments

  • Encourage guests to provide feedback about their stay with pets.
  • Use feedback to improve the pet-friendliness of your space continuously.


Offering a pet-friendly Airbnb can be rewarding, making your listing appealing to many travelers. You can create a welcoming environment for both humans and pets with proper preparation and guidelines.’s professional cleaners are equipped to help clean after our furry guests when they check out.

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