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The smart way to book, pay, and find Airbnb vacation rental cleaners in 30 seconds. Join the 2,000+ hosts and property managers who put their vacation rentals on auto-pilot with the Now serving the entire Philadelphia, PA

Book cleaners easily for your Airbnb

Our Key Features

You’re minutes away from putting your vacation rental cleaning on auto-pilot in Philadelphia, PA

Auto Booking

From Guest booking to confirmed cleaning with zero-touch.
A single app to book cleanings with automatic assignments, delegation, and acceptance. No more waiting to see if your property will be ready for your next guest. Simply paste in your property calendar link and our system automatically creates a booking before your next client checkout.

Best Practice Property Listing

Having trouble keeping up with the new disinfection and cleaning protocols? We’ve got you. app’s in-app checklist templates are constantly updated with best practices as indicated by WHO, the CDC, and other guidance for the hospitality industry. All your list data is in one place.

Checklist Protocols

Implement best practice protocols required by listing platforms or governing agencies and adapt them easily to your unique properties.

  • Customizable checklists
  • Available in Spanish, French, Italian, and more
  • Visual illustrations and how-tos for cleaners
  • Force cleaner to send specific photos

Real-Time Visibility

See and log exactly when your cleaners arrive, start, and complete tasks – and keep a record for anyone who requests verification.

  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Geolocation to verify cleaner is on-site
  • In-app communication
  • Record of all activity on the job

Clean. Double-Check. Disinfect.

Quality management for a new era of cleaning and disinfection. The app is the #1 App for Airbnb Cleaning