Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Template by Sacramento, California Host.

Upon Arrival

  • Contact Ryan upon arrival.
  • Do a quick walk through to access the overall cleanliness of previous guest.
  • Ensure parking pass is present
  • Let Ryan know your initial findings
  • Grab parking pass if using
  • Each item needs to be completed at EVERY cleaning unless otherwise noted.

Living Room/Bedroom

  • Open window while cleaning to air out place
  • Carefully look over bedding and pillows for stains (If present, send detailed pics immediately then try to get them out)
  • Strip Bedding
  • Wash whites first, towels and bedding with OxyClean and bleach if necessary, make sure there aren’t any stains
  • Wash colors next, bath mats, kitchen towels (blue throw, gray blanket, drying mat and Swiffer pad after cleaning the floor)
  • Wash duvet once a month (I will choose a day)
  • Make sure all stains were removed, if not, send a detailed list with pics so the guest can be charged for damages (this must be done before the next guest checks in) then put them in a garbage bag and place them in the cupboard above the closet in the dressing room.
  • Make bed with clean set
  • Use lint roller to remove any lint or hair on the bedding
  • Windex desk top, nightstand top and mirror
  • Spray and wipe down tv stand, knickknacks and bedframe
  • Display rolled towels on corner of bed (X washcloths and X bath towels)
  • Empty trash under desk
  • Clean under bed, check for personal items
  • Sweep
  • Mop (Spray the floor directly with peppermint spray and use reusable swiffer mop)
  • Throw mop head in wash with colored load
  • Vacuum rug and settee


  • Wash dishes, dry and put away
  • Make sure dishes in cupboard are actually clean
  • Replace with a new sponge as needed
  • Replenish coffee, tea, oatmeal, paper towels and hand soap
  • Make sure an extra paper towel roll is in the pantry closet
  • Remove k-cup from Keurig, fill with filtered water and wipe down
  • Fill ice cube tray with filtered water
  • Fill water pitcher
  • Discard any leftovers in the fridge
  • Make sure washer and dryer is empty, clean out lint trap
  • Clean counter, table, sink and faucet
  • Wipe down garbage can, chairs, microwave, fridge, stove, inside of oven, backsplash, toaster, washer and dryer
  • Windex glass cabinets
  • Place clean rolled kitchen towel on drying mat
  • Sweep
  • Mop (Spray the floor directly with peppermint spray and use reusable swiffer mop)
  • Make sure parking pass is on the fridge
  • Empty trash


  • Open window while cleaning to air out
  • Sanitize bathroom sink, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, toilet, inside of shower, shower door
  • Restock q-tips, toilet paper (X rolls), body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, make up remover wipes, ear plugs (Combine products if running low)
  • Replace black face towels (X rolled up)
  • Windex bathroom mirror
  • Check for personal items (leave items that other guests could use, ex: shaving cream)
  • Empty trash
  • Hang a clean hand towel in the bathroom
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Replace bath mats with clean set
  • Hang X extra bath towels and washcloths on towel bar behind door

Dressing room/Laundry

  • Windex dressing room mirror
  • Check for personal items in closet
  • Neatly fold and put away clean laundry in the dressing room closet (tri-fold, think Bed Bath and Beyond)

Other Areas

  • Windex windows as needed
  • Remove any cobwebs on ceiling and corners
  • Wipe down window sills, baseboards, blinds, top of heater as needed
  • Wipe down any walls or doors that look dirty
  • Change any burnt out light bulbs
  • Sweep back balcony and front stairs as needed

Do a final walk through to make sure nothing was missed

  • Place cleaning supplies back under sink (Keep this area neat and organized)
  • Place laundry supplies back on top pantry shelf (Keep this area neat and organized)
  • Make sure all cupboards are shut
  • All chairs are pushed in
  • Close and lock windows
  • Turn heater off and AC off (leave ceiling fan on in the summer)
  • Lock back door
  • Close curtains in living room
  • Turn off all lights except desk lamp and porch light
  • Make sure key is the lockbox
  • Take out the trash
  • Put parking pass back on fridge
  • Notify Ryan when job is complete

Notify Manager

  • Any damages
  • Missing items
  • Home left excessively dirty
  • Need to buy more supplies

Enjoy services in the safety of your home.