Airbnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process

Step 1: Prepare: Proper preparation can help you and your team clean more efficiently and more safely. Make sure you:

  • Ventilate the space before and during cleaning when possible
  • Use disinfectants approved by your local regulatory agencies for use against COVID-19
  • Always read the directions and warnings on your cleaning products carefully
  • Wash or disinfect your hands

Step 2: Clean:Cleaning is removing dust and dirt from surfaces, such as floors and countertops. Make sure you:

  • Sweep, vacuum, dust, and/or mop areas before sanitizing
  • Wash dishes and laundry on the highest heat setting possible
  • Wipe down hard surfaces with soap and water

Step 3: Sanitize: Sanitizing is when you use chemicals to reduce bacteria on surfaces such as doorknobs and TV remotes. Be sure to:

  • Spray high-touch surfaces in each room with an approved disinfectant spray
  • Let the disinfectant stand for the length of time specified on the product label
  • Allow the surface to air-dry

Step 4: Check: Once you’re done sanitizing, it’s a good idea to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Be sure to:

  • Refer to the best practices in each room-by-room checklist in your handbook to make sure you haven’t missed a spot
  • Share these best practices with your hosting team and cleaning professionals

Step 5: Reset: To help prevent cross-contamination, it's important to finish cleaning and sanitizing a room before replacing items for the next guest:

  • Wash your hands before replacing guest supplies, linens, and cleaning kits
  • Safely dispose of or wash cleaning supplies and protective gear
  • Don’t re-enter a room once it’s been sanitized
  • Clean your equipment between each turnover

Enjoy services in the safety of your home.