Denver, CO

The “Mile High City” of Denver is a spectacular place to live or visit. At exactly 5280 feet (aka one mile) the city features clean air and wonderful vistas. We want to do our part by helping to clean the offices, apartments, homes, Airbnbs, and any other space that needs a good clean. Simply download the app and make a tap-book in less than one minute! We’re proud to say we use local professional cleaners that are insured and bonded. Also, we pay them a living, fair wage. Open the app now and pick a date! We’ll do the rest. Why crack your back by cleaning your place when you can hire professional cleaners from the Cleanster in Denver? The Cleanster provides Airbnb cleaning, deep cleaning, office cleaning, move-in and out cleaning, or vacation rental cleaning. Let us handle all these time-consuming jobs. During this COVID-19 situation, we ensure to offer the most up to the mark professional cleaning facilities at an affordable price. We designed the Cleanster in such a way as to make booking easy for you.  To us, cleaning is the main priority, so our pro cleaners give 100% assurance to clean each part of your place thoroughly. You can schedule the cleaning time and check the current status of the cleaners with our app for your convenience. So give us a try if you are looking for a professional cleaner in Denver. Let’s download Cleanster App.