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How to File a Damage Claim with Airbnb Using Cleanster

Published: November 26, 2023

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How to File a Damage Claim On Airbnb Using

As an Airbnb host, managing a successful property takes a lot of care and effort. So, imagine finding out that a guest have damaged your rental or your belongings. This can be an unpleasant experience – even if it wasn’t done intentionally. In extreme cases, repairs can be costly and may even lead to loss of income if it takes time to get your rental up and running again. It’s good practice to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of Airbnb’s damage claim process in the unlikely event that something happens to your property. Here’s what to do. 

What is an Airbnb damage claim?

An Airbnb damage claim is when you receive compensation for any damages that occur to your property during your guest’s stay. A damage claim can be claimed by both a guest and host defending the situation and the damages incurred. 

Through Airbnb’s host protection policy, known as AirCover. Under this cover, hosts and guests are protected from financial loss in the rare event the property or belongings are damaged during a guest’s stay.

Protection for Hosts

Under AirCover, hosts receive up to US$1 million for:

  • Pet damage protection
  • Deep clean protection (if a guest smokes in your home)
  • Income loss protection: AirCover compensates guests for loss of income if they cancel Airbnb bookings because of previous damages
  • 14-day filing opportunity: If guests cause damage, you have 14 days to request compensation for damages after they check out
  • Faster track for Superhosts

Protection for Guests

Under AirCover, guests receive up to US$1 million in host liability insurance. Liability insurance applies to hosts in the event a guest gets injured, or their belongings are damaged or stolen while they are staying on your property. People who help you host, such as cleaners, are also included. According to Airbnb, host liability insurance covers you if you’re found responsible for:

  • Personal injury to a guest (or third party)
  • Damage to or theft of property belonging to a guest (or third party)
  • Damage caused by a guest (or third party) to common areas
  • How to fill out a damage claim as a host

Step 1: Site inspections

As soon as guests check out, document all the details as you notice the damage. Take detailed photos and videos of the damaged items or areas. Gather evidence by making notes, document everything with evidence, use before and after photos and videos, and when you found the damages. This information is critical for submitting your claim on Airbnb. The more detailed your assessment of the situation, the more likely your request for compensation will be successful. 

Step 2: Communicate with the guest

We suggest communicating with your guests about the damages found to try and come to a reasonable agreement. In our experience, most guests will typically inform you of the damages. However, some may try to get away with it. Try contacting your guest through Airbnb to settle an agreement on how much money the damages come to and the amount you’d like them to pay. Share your photos and videos from with your guest.

Step 3: Submit the claim

  1. Log in to Airbnb
  2. Go to ‘Resolution Center.’
  3. Select the booking you need to collect your security deposit for
  4. Under ‘Select a reason,’ click ‘Request compensation for damages’.
  5. Click ‘Continue’. You’ll be taken to the next page, where you can enter the details of the damages and the associated costs. 

Within 14 days of the guest’s checkout (and damages made), you can go to Airbnb’s Resolution Center to file an AirCover request for compensation. 

Once you submit your AirCover request, your guest will have up to 3 days (72) hours to pay. Sometimes, things go poorly, and a guest might decline or refuse to pay the full amount. If this happens, it is time to get Airbnb involved. If you involve Airbnb Support in your AirCover request, this must occur within 30 days of the damage. Share your photos and videos from with Airbnb.

How to fill out a damage claim as a guest

If a guest has been injured on your property or their possessions have been ruined or stolen, they can visit the host liability insurance intake form to claim back any losses they experience during their stay.

Your guest’s information will be sent to one of Airbnb’s trusted third-party insurers, who will then assign the claim to a representative to resolve the issue. 

The above is a basic guide to Airbnb’s damage claim process. While simple, in theory, getting results can be challenging. That’s why we recommend partnering with for all your property-related needs: no matter the challenge, our team of experienced cleaning operations management experts can do the heavy lifting for you.



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